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Upcoming Events in Asheville for 2024-04-22 – 2024-04-25

Hey there Asheville music lovers! If you’re looking for some groovy tunes and good vibes, mark your calendars for a couple of upcoming events that are sure to be an unforgettable experience!

First up, on April 22nd, head over to Static Age Records for a night featuring Kevin Coleman, Blake Hornsby, Aunt Ant, and The Knife Kickers. It’s bound to be a rocking time you won’t want to miss!

Then, on April 24th, get ready to kick back and enjoy some old-time jam at Jack of The Wood. The sweet sounds of traditional music are sure to lift your spirits and transport you to a simpler time.

Looking ahead to April 25th, make sure to catch ‘Sour Bridges: East Down and Out Tour!’ at Jack of The Wood. This event promises to be a foot-stomping, good ol’ time with some fantastic live music.

If you’re in the mood for some trivia fun, don’t forget about ‘Quizzo! Pub Trivia’ also at Jack of The Wood on April 22nd. Test your knowledge, enjoy some drinks, and maybe even win some cool prizes!

And last but certainly not least, on the night of April 25th, don’t miss ‘Laters, An After Party with Lex Nell, Treee City, and special guest Lil Meow’ at Asheville Music Hall. Get ready to dance the night away and immerse yourself in a world of great beats and positive energy.

So, mark your calendars, round up your friends, and get ready for a fantastic time at these upcoming events in Asheville! It’s going to be a week to remember.