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peter distefano + mike baggetta

Date: 2024-09-29

Time: 20:00:00

Venue: Little Jumbo

Expect improvised #PunkJazz music for 2 electric guitars, electronics and maybe some vocals.

Peter DiStefano:

A founding member of the alternative rock band Porno For Pyros in 1992 with Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins and Martyn LeNoble, Peter’s music has been heard all over the world for decades having their first album reach no. 3 on the Billboard Top 200. In addition to his work with Pyros, Peter has worked in various projects with Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, and the band Hellride with Mike Watt. He is also known for his extensive recent work as a composer and guitarist for many soundtracks in film, television and gaming.

Mike Baggetta:

Iconoclastic guitarist and singer Mike Baggetta is most recently known for leading his post-genre power trio mssv (with the legendary rhythm team of drummer Stephen Hodges and bassist mike watt) through multiple US tours and album releases over the past 5 years, after releasing two additional albums of original music alongside watt and drummer Jim Keltner, all on the BIG EGO record label. His music has always been adventurous in spirit and style, so no wonder his additional endeavors find him navigating the waters of creating his identifiably undefinable sound in a variety of solo, duo and trio settings with his guitar, voice and various musical gadgets. He has also appeared on stage and on recordings with Nels Cline, J Mascis, Petra Haden, Viktor Krauss, David Torn and Jeff Coffin among many more.

“Baggetta is a player of immense subtlety across all dimensions, working with an impressive palette of tones … distilling Fripp’s loopscapes with hints of John Fahey.” -The Wire, UK

"Baggetta’s vocals remind me of Tom Verlaine. Sometimes hushed, sometimes full-throated, often suggesting the personal and universal across a few lines.” -INK 19

“Think pressure, combustion, power, and hissing clouds of sonic poetry, and you're in the right pipeline.” -Premier Guitar

“…A terrific player, capable of weirdly elegant fretwork, shivery Verlaine-esque tones, freeform freakouts and crunchy fuzz, shifting from one zone to another with a naturalness and ease.” -Aquarium Drunkard

“Mike Baggetta makes stealthy, mysterious music … he’s trying to do something personal with collective improvisation without ever getting in the way of beauty.” -New York Times

“…vintage twang in service of Americana-meets exploratory Jazz-psych…” -Rolling Stone